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Greg Schinkel of Raleigh, North Carolina:

Occulus helps me calculate my chances of winning a deal and more importantly helped me understand what I needed to do differently in order to win. 

Before using Occulus I thought I had covered all the bases when in reality there were many gaps in my approach.  By addressing the gaps identified by Occulus, the client was really impressed that I had gone the extra mile to understand their business and priorities and link my solution to those strategies.

Carol Porter of Sacramento, California:

I find that with Occulus I’m much more prepared for a sales call. I know exactly what information I need to get from the prospect and what I have to do to move the prospect along. And, believe it or not, the prospect appreciates it as well; I’m not wasting their time and I can zero in on their needs and how I can satisfy them. 

Since using Occulus, all of my prospect meetings are much more productive and there are fewer of them needed to close the sale.

Frances S. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Like most sales people, I use a CRM. It does a great job helping me keep track of customer activities, but that’s it. The problem with it is that management thinks it’s the Holy Grail. If the CRM says I have an 80% chance of winning a deal, then according to management I have an 80% chance of winning the deal; irrespective of what I say about it.

In addition to helping me with sales strategies etc., I also use Occulus as a 3rd party expert source to support my perception of prospect during sales meetings, especially when it contradicts what the CRM says.  At the end of the day, when it comes to actually selling, I have more faith in Occulus than I do in the CRM.” 

Tony deGrandis of Newton, Massachusetts:

“I’m in Newton, Massachusetts and my boss is in Santa Clara, California. 

We have weekly sales reviews (via Webex) where I have to talk about my prospects. Before Occulus, most of the meeting was taken up by me answering questions she had about my prospects. We never seemed to have enough time for in-depth strategy discussions. Now she can review the analysis ahead of time and we can focus on selling strategies and not whether or not I have done this or that. 

It’s made a huge difference. Occulus has significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on those meetings and preparing for them. I now spend more time in the field, selling.”

Harry H. of Atlanta, Georgia

We’ve been using Occulus now for about 6 months; it’s been great in helping me understand where I am with a deal and what I have to do to win it.

I recently closed a major deal with Occulus and earned a commission of over $13K.   Thank you Occulus (my wife thanks you as well).”

Carlos Garcia of Dallas, Texas:

I recently analyzed a deal with Occulus, as there was ‘something’ about it that just didn’t feel right.  Occulus came back with a complete analysis of my sales strategy, but what was most important to me was the SWOT analysis. It showed where I was at risk. At first I wasn’t sure Occulus was right, but as I thought about it, the more I realized that Occulus was dead-on. So I implemented the recommendations and got back on track and closed the deal. 

Occulus gives me new insights makes sure I don’t miss something that could cause me problems.

Starla Martinez of Los Angles, California

With Occulus I can track the progress of a deal and understand for myself whether or not I’ll win it and if it’s going to close when it’s supposed to.

Linda Nystrom of South Bend, Indiana:

We are a 5 person software design & development company that competes in a highly competitive market. 

We use Occulus as our sales process; it’s very professional, easy to use and ensures that nothing is overlooked in our selling activities. We’ve quickly moved away from the days when we would send out a quote to anyone who inquired and hope someone would buy something, we now actually sell. 

Occulus has been instrumental in our business development success.

Hunton Witt of Reston, Maryland:

Occulus is amazingly accurate. It’s quite incredible and very useful. Now all opportunities that are forecast must be analyzed by Occulus first. 

Rick Biggart of Brampton, Canada:

Occulus gives me a much clearer understanding of where I sit with an opportunity and what I have to do to close it.
It’s like having a sales coach with me on every call.   

Sylvan Pigeon of Montreal, Canada:

Using Occulus has increased my success rate in closing business. 

Ron Blackwelder of Raleigh, North Carolina

In my 25 years of selling, I’ve never seen a sales tool as effective as Occulus in helping close a piece of business.  

Carlos Lora

Easy to use, accurate with very specific action items, you can’t afford not to use it.

Steve Foster

At the end of the quarter I need a tool that will help me close a sale, not organize my data; Occulus is that tool.

Bill Sanders of Charlotte, North Carolina:

It’s all about me making my numbers. I’m interested in anything that will help me do that. Occulus helps!

Rick Dobson of Vancouver, Canada:

Occulus is an outstanding sales tool. I no longer have to spend time ensuring that my sales reps have all the right information, we can get right down to figuring out how implement the action items and our sales strategy. 

Paul Smith of Redding, Pennsylvania:

Outstanding tool for managing the sales team. I can identify promising opportunities early and track them through the sales cycle, allowing me to be proactive in helping the sales reps close the business.

Scott Hughes of Richardson, Texas:

Occulus is a great tool for managing a geographically disperse sales team. I get all the information I need to draw my own conclusions as to whether or not we will win a deal and if it will close on time