“The Achilles Heel of Sales Training is Sales Rep Knowledge Retention. 

What’s learned in the classroom is quickly forgotten in the field.”

Occulus is a Tool used by Successful Sales Specialists.

Occulus has a developed network of Specialists in Sales Force Improvement that increase our Client’s Revenues by improving  their Sales Efforts.   Together, we drive increased sales, better forecasting accuracy and improved sales pipeline management.

Our Partners Include:

Sales Training Specialists   Sales Coaches   Sales Process Consultants   CRM Consultants

Learn more about Occulus and how it can help your sales teams, please contact us or an Affiliate/Partner in your region


Occulus works with all Major CRM’s

Quick & Easy integration into your CRM or used as a Standalone Tool

 Occulus Improves CRM Adoption

Extend CRM Capabilities by adding Occulus’ In-Process Diagnostics

Deal Analysis

Analyze each of your deals to make sure they close …

Pipeline Management

Manage your sales pipeline – fix those deals that are in trouble and need intervention …

Asynchronous Coaching

Provide coaching advice & guidance anytime, anywhere …

Automated Forecasting

Generate a  90% accurate  forecast on  a deal-by-deal basis…

War Room

Close that Quota Gap before the end of the quarter …