Successful Sales Coaching requires 4 things:

  • Identification of the specific area(s) to be coached
  • That the performance levels be measurable (both current & desired)
  • That the coaching be performed on Real Life situations
  • That the coaching be carried out in Real-Time

The Pay-Off:  Sales Coaching

  • Time: Elimination of scheduling issues & one-on-one deal reviews
  • Effectiveness:  Real deal data, done in real time, when it’s needed
  • Geography: Can provide effective coaching to a geographically disperse team.

Predictive Sales Coaching

Occulus’ unique & industry leading Asynchronous Sales Coaching capability allows the sales manager to provide coaching advice & guidance to a member of the team without the requirement of a one-on-one coaching session. The sales manager upon reviewing the deal analysis can make comments on the deal record about how the sales rep responded to certain questions; whether asking for additional details, requesting clarification or  clearer articulation of their sales strategy & Next Steps etc.   When the sales manager has completed the deal review, an email is sent to the sales rep, with a copy to the sales manager, indicating the sales manager has commented on one of their deals and that specific actions are required by the sales rep. In addition, deals that the sales manager commented on are flagged with a red star so sales reps can quickly identify which deals they need to focus on first.

The Occulus Detailed Analysis SWOT Chart displays the current performance levels of the sales rep in the 5 areas of a Complex (Enterprise level) Sale, in addition to the Probability of Winning and of the deal closing by the forecasted close date (Timing). Occulus also calculates the impact of missing information on the values for the Performance Levels and the Probabilities and displays this as an uncertainty in the value; providing a range of possible values, from High to Low. (the longer the bar in the SWOT chart, the more information is missing)

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