Forecasting = Major Problem for the Sales Organization

  • CSO Insights, The CEB and others state that the sales force will win fewer than 50% of their forecasted deals.
  • Huge amounts of  Selling-Time is consumed creating the sales forecast;  for companies that forecast weekly:
    • the sales manager spends over a day a week creating the forecast
    • the sales reps are spending almost half a day a week.

Automated & Very Accurate at the Push of a Button

  • Occulus solves both these problems, Accuracy & Time Commitment, by automatically producing a forecast that is >85% accurate on a deal-by-deal basis.
  • Sales managers, at their option, can override the Occulus Forecast.


The Pay-Off: Forecasting

  • Accuracy: >90% accurate on a deal-by-deal basis.
  • Time Commitment:  Automatic, the time required to create the forecast is returned to the sales force to do what they do best; SELL!
  • Timeliness of Forecast: Forecast is always based on the most recent deal information and can be produced monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly.

Click here to download an actual forecast report ( Excel Spreadsheet)

Occulus Forecasting – How?

The Occulus Deal Analysis determines a Forecast Worthiness Rating to each deal in the pipeline

Forecast Worthiness Rating

  • AAA                                         Commit
  • AA                                           Commit
  • A                                              Commit
  • BB                                           Upside (High)
  • B                                              Upside
  • B –                                           Upside (Low)
  • F                                              Omit


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