An Accurate & Timely Forecast is not enough! 

  We need to make Quota!

While an accurate and timely forecast is critical, it is not enough; most of the time there is a gap between what is forecast and the quota amount: The Quota Gap.

The challenge of sales management is to close that Quota Gap before the end of the quarter. Occulus assists sales management in this regard by producing the War Room Reports that identifies all non-Committed deals that ‎have the highest probability to be closed.  If that is not enough to close the Quota Gap, Occulus reaches into the next quarter to identify the deals that have the highest probability of being brought into the current quarter.

The Occulus War Room

  • The Gap Chart; A stacked bar chart that tracks sales manager’s progress & status as they progress through the quarter.  The Gap Chart graphically displays QTD Actuals + Commits, Upside, Omitted deals and deals that can be pulled in from the next quarter.
  • The Upside Map; A bubble chart which identifies all non-Commited deals in the current quarter with the highest probability of being closed.

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The Pay-Off from the Occulus War Room

  • Track Quarter Progress & Status in Real Time – Up to the minute view of QTD Actuals & Committed deals.
  • Ability to Identify & Quantify Forecast Risk – Visibly assess forecast risk and identify the deals to required to close the quota gap.
  • Identify Next Quarter Deals, if Required – Identify next quarter deals that can be brought forward, if required.

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