The Ultimate Solution for Sales Management!

Occulus Inc. provides industry leading sales analysis and Sales Force Management (SFM) software tools that allow sales managers and senior executives to manage their sales forces more effectively.

Occulus was developed to help companies better manage their sales force and sales processes. Based the collective knowledge and experience of hundreds of sales professionals, using advanced statistical methods and proprietary algorithms Occulus has been proven in the field many thousands of times. Occulus informs management how the quarter and the year are progressing, which deals will close on time and which ones are at risk, which sales people are succeeding and which are not. Occulus provides management with an early warning of potential problems. Unlike a CRM, Occulus focuses on the specific sales opportunity and what the sales rep has to do to win it.



The Ultimate Forecasting Solution  for Corporate Management!

The Occulus System provides automated, real time, on demand weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual sales forecasts, without need to revise or overrule, for senior corporate management.  The forecast is 90%+ accurate  so management will not be subject to unexpected surprises.

Occulus gives unprecedented visibility, and ready access, into the sales pipeline for senior management.  This allows better overall company management, no quarter end surprises, reduction in quarter end deals and much improved cash management.

Occulus is a strategic sales management system that will fundamentally improve how your sales teams sell, and how you manage & coach them by allowing you to track & measure sales opportunities from the point of first contact to the time they close.

Occulus is:

A Sales Tool
  • Provides a Qualitative assessment of a sales opportunities based on rigorous Quantitative Analysis
  • Provides an objective assessment of the probability of the sales rep winning the deal and of it closing by the Forecasted Close Date
  • Provides coaching advice to the Sales Rep to help them drive the deal through the sales cycle faster and with a greater chance of success.
  • Improves forecasting accuracy and reduces Close Date slippage (CDS)
  • Quickly identifies low probability opportunities
  • Identifies opportunities that have stalled (or are going nowhere)
  • Allows the Sales Rep to close a deal with fewer sales calls, saving time & resources
  • Allows for better & more efficient communication with sales management on specific opportunities.
A Sales Force Management Process
  • Allows for better and more effective management of the pipeline and forecast.
  • Eliminates the subjectivity from assessments of the quality of opportunities
  • Significantly reduces close Date slippage (CDS)
  • Eliminates End-of-Quarter surprises
  • Provides early identification of potential problems and their associated risk
  • Allows for more effective engagement with the Sales Reps on specific deals
  • Provides a more effective means to manage & coach individual sales Reps
  • Significantly reduces new Sales Rep on-boarding time & cost
  • Increases new Sales Rep revenues
  • Provides Key Performance Ratios to improve sales management and increase efficiencies 
A C-Suite Sales Intelligence Source
  • Provides unprecedented visibility into the sales pipeline
  • Provides more accurate sales related information
  • Provides more accurate forecasts
  • Eliminates End-of-Quarter ‘giveaways’ and discounts
  • Allows for better management of the sales force
  • Provides Key Performance Ratios to measure and compare sales force performance
  • Reduces the time and cost of closing a sale
  • Significantly reduces new Sales Rep on-boarding time & cost
  • Provides a significant Year-over-Year ROI

 Who should Use Occulus?

Any organization that is selling in a competitive and consultative  sales environment who wishes to improve their forecasting accuracy, reduce Close Date Slippage and optimize the sales force should use Occulus.