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You work as a sales team, OcculusTeam® has been developed for you and your sales team. It makes sure you don’t miss out on those Must Win Deals. You and your team put those deals into OcculusTeam® and its superior analytics and processes make sure that deal closes for you and on time.

See McKinsey & Company’s:  Landing-the-Megadeal

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Their Number One Item is Deal Analytics

Just what OcculusTeam® Delivers

OcculusTeam® is a SaaS based, 4-step predictive sales analysis tool, that breaks down complex selling campaigns into manageable components and provides a roadmap to secure the deal.

OcculusTeam® will analyze your Must-Win-Deals and inform you of the probability that you win the deal and of it closing on time.  In addition, OcculusTeam® will inform you what is going right and/or wrong with your Must-Win-Deals and where you are at risk.

OcculusTeam® provides a disciplined & structured approach to pursuing, qualifying and closing Must-Win-Deals.

OcculusTeam® will inform you:

What additional information you need

How well the deal is qualified

The likelihood of you winning it

Probability of it closing by the Close Date

Your chances of beating the competition

What additional information you need

SWOT analysis

Your next steps to drive the deal forward

If the deal is at risk of slipping

The deal’s progress through the sales cycle

And, OcculusTeam® works with all major CRM systems


OcculusTeam® for the Entire Sales Organization:

For the Sales Rep:

Provides instant feedback on the status of the deal
Identifies areas of risk
Provides guidance on next steps
Tracks deal progress through sales cycle

For the Sales Manager:

Can track all Must-Win-Deals, individually and as a group
Eliminates time required to analyze deals
Ensures the sales rep doesn’t miss anything
Eliminates extended Q&A sessions
Maximizes coaching guidance
Provide key data to  senior management at a moments notice; anytime, anywhere

For the VP of Sales:

Clarity on Must-Win-Deal status
Confidence that the numbers are realistic


Next Steps – an  OcculusTeam® Trial

We will analyze one of your Must Win Deals, at no cost and no obligation, and unequivocally demonstrate how OcculusTeam® can help you win 4 out of 5 of your Must Win Deals.

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