You & Occulus = Success

Only you can make your quota …………….but Occulus can help you get there.

Occulus is not a prospecting tool, you (and your company) have to find them yourselves; but once you have identified a viable prospect Occulus can guide on the most direct path to success.

Occulus will analyze the deal and give you a realistic assessment of where you stand with it, it terms of

  • How well it is qualified, for winning & timing,
  • The probability that you will win the deal and of it closing by the Close Date you have entered into the CRM
  • Where you may be at risk
  • Occulus will identify any additional information about the deal you need, and will ensure nothing falls through the cracks
  • If you’re not quite sure what to do next, Occulus provides you with a list of Action Items that you can proactively implement to drive the deal forward

Use the Occulus assessment of the deal to calibrate your own assessment and thinking.  If Occulus indicates that you may be at risk in a certain area of your sales strategy, examine it closely.  Occulus is completely un-emotional and deals only with cold hard facts.   Use Occulus to test your assumptions and feelings about the deal, and zero in on what is fact based and what is not.  And focus on the facts.

By using Occulus as your personal sales coach, your confidence will increase, you will become more efficient during sales calls, you will know and understand what information you need and how to get it and you will become a better sales person.

There are no shortcuts to winning a deal, there are only efficiencies, best practices and insights; this is where Occulus will help you.

Occulus is your own personal sales coach!

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