“Don’t let your sales reps get out-sold!”


 Transform your Sales Force into a Competitive Weapon with Occulus.


All things being equal, the better sales person will win.  But all things are not equal; however there can be no doubt that in a competitive selling situation the better sales person has a distinct advantage over the ordinary sales person.

That is the reason companies spend billions of dollars a year in sales training; to improve the quality of their sales forces.  But as we all know, the problem with sales training is that what’s learned in the classroom, quickly gets forgotten in the field!  So within a matter of a couple of months you’re effectively back to where you started. Occulus does not replace sales training; our Affiliates and Partners are sales trainers and sales consultants who utilize the Occulus platform to reinforce in the field what was learned in the classroom.  What Occulus does is force your sales reps to emulate what great sales people do.

Great sales people look beyond the obvious.

Great sales people know that just as they are qualifying the prospect, the prospect is qualifying them and their company.  They understand that the prospect is asking themselves, “Do I have confidence that this person can deliver what they say they can deliver and can I work with them; because my career depends on it?”  Great sales people look beyond the obvious.

Great sales people think strategically and act tactically.

In many ways sales is all about change and involves getting the prospect to change the way they are currently doing something to a new way of doing the same thing, the way you want them to do it.  And change is risky and uncertain and people are reluctant to embrace it until they feel confident that the outcome will not negatively impact them.

The great sales person understands that a key component of making the sale is the ability to inspire trust and confidence in the prospect, and they recognize that this can give them a competitive advantage.  They dig deeper, they want to understand the implications of the project; is it tactical, fixing something that’s broken or plugging a gap; or is it strategic, in support of a larger corporate objective.  They want to know how the project will impact the people they’re dealing with, and many other things.

Uncertainty and Risk.

Great sales people understand that there are two constants that are part of every sale; Uncertainty and Risk. Uncertainty, due to faulty and missing information and Risk due to Uncertainty and competition.  Great sales people minimize uncertainty by focusing on the facts and not becoming a victim of assumptions, guesses or blind hope; and reduce risk by understanding the competition and building their sales strategy on factual data.

Occulus requires your sales reps to think strategically and look beyond the obvious.

The information that Occulus needs to perform the analysis was defined by great sales reps and sales managers (over 1,000 of them) and consists of numerous ‘Best Practices’ identified by those very same sales people.  There were no ordinary sales people involved.  Consequently, Occulus requires your sales reps to dig deeper, to go beyond what ordinary sales reps do, to think strategically, to emulate what great sales people do.   As a result, they will become better sales people, they inspire confidence and trust in their prospects, and will gain that all-important competitive edge.