Do you know where your sales reps are?

Your sales reps are not spending the majority of their time selling; they’re doing other things.  At least according to a recent study on where sales reps are spending their time.  Certainly, no-one would argue that the ‘other’ things are not important and don’t need to be done…….BUT, it is NOT selling!


The only way your company makes its targets is if your sales rep, sell; and your sales executives, manage.  Anything that takes time away from this activity put these targets at risk.  Forecasting, Deal Reviews, Sales Meetings etc.; all these things need to be done, but every hour spent on these important items is an hour not spent in front of a prospect.

Occulus goes a long to solving this problem of your sales force’s time being spent on non-selling activities:

  • The Occulus Forecast system is completely automatic (and a lot more accurate) and requires neither the sales rep nor the sales manager  be involved.  This time is given back to the sales force to use on more productive (ie. Selling) activities.
  • Deal Reviews: can be long drawn out affairs, with Occulus’ Deal Review and Asynchronous Coaching the sales rep does not have to be part of a face to face  review as the sales manager has all the detailed information he/she needs to determine the next steps and can figure it out in a couple of minutes.
  • Sales Meetings:  another long drawn affair.  If your sales managers already have a complete understanding of the status of the deals in the forecast, sales meetings take on a completely different character.  Instead of the sales reps getting grilled about their deals, sales strategies and other items can be discussed.


  • How much selling time could be saved if your sales forecast was automatic and more accurate.  Depending on which research article you read, estimates vary up to one day per week spent creating the forecast.  With Occulus, that time is given back to the sales force.
  • If deal reviews were more effective and reduced to under 10 minutes per deal, how much selling could be saved?  The time saved could be used to improve coaching, provide sales guidance, have more in-depth account strategy sessions or any number of other sales related activities.
  • Sales meetings are important events, and just because Occulus eliminates the need for deal reviews and forecasting discussions, we do not advocate eliminating the sales meeting.  We advocate re-focusing the sales meeting to any number of other activities, such training, team building, etc.

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