Wouldn’t it be nice to stop fighting with the sales force about using the CRM? 

The problem you have is that sales people are a very pragmatic group; give them something that will help them close a deal or make their lives easier and they will use it.  Unfortunately, today’s CRM’s do neither.

Occulus will fix that problem for you and your CRM adoption will significantly increase (in a matter of a few weeks) and the information in the CRM will be better.  When we implement Occulus, we install it as an ‘Add-on’ to the CRM.  The CRM is the system of record and Occulus extracts certain data from it.  In addition, access to Occulus and a number of Occulus control functions are transferred to the CRM.

If the sales rep wants access to Occulus, he/she must do so through the CRM.  Updates to certain key elements that are used in the Occulus Forecast are carried out in the CRM.

If you use the Occulus Forecast, which is simpler, more accurate, saves a lot of time and doesn’t involve the sales rep, they will start using the CRM; to keep a number of key data elements up to date.