According to CSO Insights up to 24% of the deals in your forecast will end in a No Decision by the end of the quarter.  The  majority of those No-Decision deals, up to 3/4, are the result of Close Date Slippage (CDS).   Close Date Slippage is the single biggest cause of missed quarters



So it makes a lot of sense to identify any deals that have the potential to slip out of the forecast as early as possible.  If the deal is scheduled close a couple of quarters out it will, in all probability, experience a number of close date changes.  But once a deal is in the forecast, you need it to stay in the forecast.

Occulus provides two metrics that will identify if a deal might slip past the close date:

  • Degree of Qualification along the TIME axis  — This measure informs the sales rep, the sales manager and you of how much missing information about the timing of the deal exists.  This metric is color coded.
  • The Probability that the deal with close by the Close Date  —  This metric is also color coded.