Evolution of a Successful Sale

The following images illustrate the evolution of a successful sale using Occulus.  The images were taken from the PDF printout of the Detailed Analysis as the deal progressed through the sales cycle.  Due to confidentiality issues all references to the sales rep, company, product, price and prospect have been redacted.  We wish to thank our client for generously sharing these images and the notes that went with them.

  • The sales rep managing this opportunity has about 5 ½ years of sales experience, 2 of which are with the current company.
  • The deal value is between $250K & $750K.
  • The length of the sales cycle, from the point of first contact with the sales rep and the prospect to acceptance of a PO by the sales rep company was approximately 6 ½ months.
  • The total Occulus time commitment by the sales rep was 108 minutes.  This includes originally entering the deal into Occulus, making comments on the Must Comment Questions and others, responding to sales manager Asynchronous Coaching inputs, updating the information when new information became available, outlining and updating the sales strategy and tactics on a regular basis.  (NOTE:  the Sales Strategy & Tactics are not included)
  • The sales rep company uses an industry leading CRM.
  • The original lead was a website inquiry by an individual from the prospect company that was then handed over to the sales rep to follow up.