Deal review are a critically important aspect of your job and the more time you spend reviewing the deals in the sales rep’s pipelines the greater your chances of making the quarter.

Typically you’ll want to know the following 5 things about the deals in the forecast;

  • Current Status
  • Forward progress
  • Last meeting with prospect and the discussion points
  • Any issues & concerns
  • Next steps

Unfortunately your CRM  isn’t a lot of help getting this information, like most sales managers, you resort to the tried & true method of doing one-on-one deal reviews with your sales rep.   But as you know this takes up a huge amount of time and you can’t verify what the sales rep is telling you; the reality is that you don’t have enough time to review every deal in the forecast in detail….or do you?

The solution is clear; only get involved with the deals you need to and leave the rest alone.  But how do you identify which deals are which?


Occulus makes it easy for you to identify which deals you need to drill down into and which you don’t by color coding the analysis numbers, this color coding scheme not only identifies which deals are in trouble, but where the trouble exists.

GREEN  Rating: AAA, AA, A (Commit)   Assessment: These deals are in good shape, you need only satisfy yourself that the sales reps are continuing to move them forward.


YELLOW  Rating: BB, B, B- (Upside)   Assessment: There are issues with these deals that you need to understand; BB deals are leading contenders to move to Commit


ORANGE & RED Rating: F (Omit)  Assessment: These are problem deals which require your immediate involvement and should not be included in your forecast


ORANGE & RED deals are the ones that require your immediate attention.

To understand the Current Status of the deal, simply open the deal record and go to the analysis section and review the Analysis Summary.  A quick review of the SWOT Chart will tell you exactly where the problem(s) exist and their severity.  After you have gained an understanding of the issues, click on the Sales Strategy tab to review the sales rep’s action plan, including the last meeting with the prospect, any issues & concerns and the next steps.

At this point in time, a one-on-one session with the sales rep may be appropriate or you can provide some advice and coaching, see Asynchronous Coaching.