Occulus is: for Sales Managers

We understand the pressures of your job:

  • Make quota
  • Produce accurate forecasts
  • Manage the business proactively (ie. No surprises)
  • Keep the customers happy
  • Mentor & develop the sales reps
  • Handle the administration in a timely manner

The list goes on……………

We also understand that the limiting factor for you in accomplishing all these tasks is time. Occulus with it’s advanced     analytical capabilities has been specifically created with you, the sales manager, in mind.

Your Competitive Edge

Occulus will make you more effective in your role as a sales manager and save you a significant amount of time, up to a          day a week, time that can be better spent on the #1 Priority – Making Quota!

Select Your Area of Interest

Want Proof?

If you need or want proof, we will provide it; not with statistics or graphs or testimonials, which we will also provide, but by allowing Occulus to analyze one of your deals.  Occulus will tell you Six Things about the Deal;

Deal Analysis

Analyze each of your deals to make sure they close …

Pipeline Management

Manage your sales pipeline – fix those deals that are in trouble and need intervention …

Asynchronous Coaching

Provide coaching advice & guidance anytime, anywhere …

Automated Forecasting

Generate a  90% accurate  forecast on  a deal-by-deal basis…

War Room

Close that Quota Gap before the end of the quarter …