Pipeline Management

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure!”

The reason we’ll all heard that expression before is because it’s true

Without measurable metrics, it’s impossible to effectively manage anything; and that’s just as true in sales as it is in anything else.

Think about the metrics you’re currently getting about your pipeline form your CRM;

  • The phase/stage of the sale cycle the deal is currently in.
  • How long the deal has been in this phase/stage
  • Current length of the sales cycle
  • and, perhaps one or two other items

It’s not enough!

To effective manage your pipeline, you need specific metrics about the deals that make up your pipeline, Occulus is the only tool available that provides you with detailed measurable number that critical to understanding the quality of each deal in your pipeline and the overall health of your pipeline.

In addition to the metrics also provided by your CRM, the Occulus deal analysis will provide you with four key metrics for each deal in your pipeline;

  • Probability of Winning the deal
  • Probability of the deal closing by the forecasted Close Date
  • The degree to which the deal is qualified on the Winning dimension
  • The degree to which the deal is qualified on the Timing dimension

In addition to these four metrics the Occulus Velocity Chart allows you to track how the sale rep is performing with the deal over time.

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