“When you lose a sales rep you have a hole in your team; and the sooner you fill that hole the better off you are.”

John L. Sales Manager

Losing a sales rep causes a number of problems;

  • Quota needs to be distributed to other sales reps since it’s highly unlikely that your VP will give you any ‘quota relief’ and you’re still going to have to make the number.
  • Accounts need to be distributed to other sales reps to keep active deals moving forward.
  • There will be gaps in your territory coverage, which presents the competition with an opportunity to make inroads into your customer base.

You need to find a replacement quickly and get the new sales rep up to speed ASAP.

Occulus can help;  the analytics, guidance and self-coaching capabilities of Occulus, along with your input and coaching, will get the new sales rep productive 30% sooner