“Creating a forecast doesn’t help me and my team make quota; all it does is suck up valuable selling time.  But….it has to be done.”. 

Steve H. Sales Manager 


Truer words were never spoken in sales.

Whether you take the forecast right off the CRM and submit it or you meet with each of your sales reps and review and challenge their individual forecasts trying to extract the key data that will allow you to create your forecast?

Creating a forecast does consume an inordinate amount of selling time, whether you’re forecasting weekly, monthly of quarterly; not only that, but they are highly speculative and usually inaccurate.

Let Occulus do it for you.

Occulus will solve both problems for you; time spent & accuracy.

Occulus assigns a Forecast Worthiness Rating (FWR) to each deal in your pipeline and automatically creates a forecast that indicates whether or not the deal should included as a Commit, as Upside or be Omitted from the forecast.

You need only click the EXPORT button and the forecast will be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet.

The entire process is automatic, allowing you to re-allocate the previous time spent on creating the forecast to more productive selling activities, and will produce a forecast that is > 90% accurate. As a sales manager, you can over-ride the Occulus recommendations with a simply key-stroke.

If you would like additional, detailed information, click Automated Forecasting.



Click here to download an actual forecast report ( Excel Spreadsheet)