A coach is someone who tells you what your do not want to hear, so that you can see what you do not want to see, so that you can be what you have always wanted to be”

Tom Landry, NFL Coach

Nothing impacts short term revenue more than effective coaching of those sales reps who need help, and no-one is better to better positioned to do that coaching than you. You know the SR, you know the customers and market, you know the competitors, you know your company’s products & services. And most importantly you know what a successful sale looks like.


So what’s stopping you from coaching?

The same 2 things that are stopping other sales managers;

1.Which sales rep needs help and where


Which sales reps need help with a deal is easy with the Occulus pipeline management capabilities; the deals that are in trouble and require your intervention are in red.   You simply review the deal SWOT Chart, which is part of the deal analysis,  and quickly identify where the sales rep is having troubles or struggling.

Once you have assessed the situation you can utilize the Asynchronous Coaching capabilities of Occulus  to make comments on the deal record, in the Sales Strategy section or the question answers section.  When you have completed your coaching guidance Occulus will send the sales rep an email informing them that you have provided comments, insights , guidance etc which they need to act on.

This eliminates the need to schedule one-on-one coaching session with the sales, which typically takes about hour, and requires coordinating schedules and blocking time.

The net result is that you can impart your experience and knowledge to more of your sales reps, more often than with conventional coaching processes and have a greater impact on both their success and the team’s success.