Occulus protects your investment in the CRM by ensuring that the CRM has a sales rep Acceptance & Adoption level approaching 100%.  You can rely on the accuracy and timeliness of the data in your CRM when Occulus is deployed to your sales force.

John D. Occulus Inc.

CRM Acceptance & Adoption:

One of the key measures we track in Occulus is Acceptance by the sales force.

By Acceptance we mean “the level to which the sales force incorporates Occulus into their day to day selling activities.”.

With Occulus, sales force acceptance approaches 100% for three primary  reasons:

  • The sales rep uses the Occulus analysis and guidance to plan their sales calls, create their sales strategies, update their sales managers etc. which increases their ability to make quota, improves their forecasting accuracy and saves them time.
  • Updating Occulus is easy, fast and rewarding for the sales rep.  For the first time the sales rep can visually see and measure their progress with the deals they’re working on.
  • The SM uses the Occulus analysis for forecasting, deal reviews, coaching, resource allocation etc

Since access to Occulus is through the CRM and portions of the Occulus input are pulled from the CRM, in order for Occulus to be current, the information that Occulus needs from the CRM must also be current.

The net effect is that the Adoption & Acceptance of the CRM by your sales force will also approach 100% in a matter of a few months without resorting to coercion, gamification or other artificial means. By having Occulus connected to your CRM, you can now have confidence that the information in your CRM is both accurate and current.

How can you ensure the sales reps are keeping the CRM up-to-date, simply require them to create their forecasts using the Occulus Forecasting Module, it’s faster and a lot more accurate anyway, see Automated Forecasting.