You rely on your sales managers to make quota, or at the very least to close what they forecast.  Occulus provides a number of tools to assist the sales manager in their jobs, such as:

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But in the real world unexpected things happen, a deal slips, another gets cancelled, a surprise loss, a sales rep quits, the list goes on.  All of these things, and more, compromise a sales manager’s ability to make quota, which in turn puts your quarter at risk.

You can’t be everywhere, but with the Occulus War Room feature, you can see everything.

The Occulus War Room feature, which keeps track track of what has already been closed and what’s left in the forecast to close, also allows you to view the deals that weren’t forecast to determine what needs to be done to close them, if they can be closed; and also looks into the next quarter and identifies the most promising deals that could be brought forward should the need arise.

Click: War Room to learn more about how the Occulus War Room function can help identify the deals you need to make your quarter.