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Occulus works with all Major CRM’s

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Quick & Easy integration into your CRM or used as a Standalone Tool

Occulus maintains relationships with the leading CRM vendors and is a registered ISV (Independent Software Vendor) for Microsoft, Salesforce and SAP.  By being part of the CRM vendor’s Partner Programs allows Occulus to enjoy numerous advantages, all of which benefit our common clients, such as:

The ability to automatically exchange data with the CRM allowing for

a seamless integration of the products, eliminating double entry and redundancies

Occulus becomes an integral part of the sales process and is an adjunct to the CRM

ensuring that the CRM maintains its role as the ‘System of Record’

Early access to technical information, changes & enhancements

 Occulus Improves CRM Adoption

If the information in the CRM is wrong or out of date, then the information is of limited value, and one of the challenges facing companies with CRMs is getting the sales force to use it on a consistent and regular basis.   In the matter of a few weeks, Occulus will fix the problem of low, or inconsistent use of the CRM adoption and improve the quality of the information in it.

The CRM is the system of record.  When we implement Occulus, we install it as an ‘Add-on’ to the CRM.  Occulus extracts certain information from it and a number Occulus control function are transferred to it.  In addition, access to Occulus is via the CRM.

Extend CRM Capabilities by adding Occulus’ In-Process Diagnostics

Occulus uses In-Process Diagnostics to give real-time performance data on how you are progressing on each of your deals which allows you to make real-time corrections to your sales strategy to maximize your chances of winning. 

Your CRM, and products that rely on the CRM, only use End-Point Diagnostics.  All it can tell you are time based milestones: when the deal started, (first entered into the CRM); proposal presented;  and when it finished (the close date).  There is no performance data available while the deal is in progress so you cannot make any mid-course corrections.

Occulus’ in-process diagnostics extends the capabilities of your CRM and your sales force by giving you the in process diagnostics that can win you business.

Deal Analysis

Analyze each of your deals to make sure they close …

Pipeline Management

Manage your sales pipeline – fix those deals that are in trouble and need intervention …

Asynchronous Coaching

Provide coaching advice & guidance anytime, anywhere …

Automated Forecasting

Generate a  90% accurate  forecast on  a deal-by-deal basis…

War Room

Close that Quota Gap before the end of the quarter …